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  1. Getting Started 

    1. Welcome to Wish!
    2. Supplier Policy
    3. How can I change my account information?
    4. What happens after I sell an item?
    5. How do I change my store's display image?
  2. Product Specification 

    1. What is a product?
    2. What attributes are required for products?
    3. What are the optional attributes for products?
    4. What are the accepted colors for products?
    5. What are the accepted sizes for products?
  3. Add Products 

    1. How do I add products?
    2. How do I add new products that come in different sizes and colors?
    3. How do I copy an image URL?
    4. How do I add a product manually?
    5. How do I add multiple products at once?
  4. Edit Products 

    1. How do I edit a single product?
    2. How do I edit products I've already uploaded to Wish?
    3. How do I add or edit sizes and colors?
    4. How do I edit or add sizes and colors to existing products?
    5. How do I edit the quantity of or inventory for my products?
  5. Fulfill Orders 

    1. What information do I see for my orders?
    2. How do I fulfill my orders?
    3. Why do we have to ship within 7 days of receiving an order?
    4. Increase your sales by adding sizing information
    5. Why did a transaction disappear from my Action Required queue?
  6. Shipping 

    1. How do I configure my shipping settings?
    2. What countries does Wish support for worldwide shipping?
    3. How do I fix an incorrect tracking number on my order?
    4. How do I edit the shipping time for my products?
    5. Why should I provide tracking information for my orders?
  7. Support Tickets 

    1. How do I contact my customer?
    2. What are support tickets?
    3. Why does Wish respond to some of my tickets?
    4. How do I open a support ticket?
    5. How do I close a support ticket?
  8. Refunds 

    1. What happens if I shipped an order but it gets refunded?
    2. How do I refund an order I already shipped?
  9. Reviews 

    1. How does the review system work?
    2. Can I remove bad reviews?
    3. How can I respond to reviews?
    4. Can Wish remove ratings?
  10. Metrics & Analytics 

    1. How to prepare for the holidays
    2. What metrics and analytics are available to me?
    3. How can I get more impressions for my products?
    4. What are Product Promotions?
    5. What should be included in my product listing in order to increase sales?
  11. Payment 

    1. What is Wish's payment policy?
    2. What payment options exist on Wish?
    3. How do I see when my orders will be paid?
    4. What does "revenue share" mean?
    5. How do I find out my revenue share?
  12. Feed Upload Errors 

    1. Missing Parameter
    2. Missing Column
    3. Row Formatting Issue
    4. Invalid Parameter
    5. Column Length Error
  13. Onboard 

    1. List Your Products
    2. Get Orders
    3. Order Timeline
    4. Fulfill Orders
    5. Get Paid
  14. Promotions 

    1. How do I increase my sales?
    2. How do I increase sales for my products?
    3. Why did a user get a gift card for my product?
    4. Will gift cards for my products affect my payment?
  15. All articles 

    1. Welcome to Wish!
    2. What is a product?
    3. How do I edit a single product?
    4. What information do I see for my orders?
    5. How do I configure my shipping settings?
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